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4 Gents Cigar & Lounge

Looking for a place to relax and enjoy a cigar while enjoying live performances? Check out 4 Gents Cigar & Lounge for the best entertainment.

Our philosophy here at 4 Gents is that as gentlemen, you stand for class, chivalry, and honor. We believe individuals should carry themselves accordingly with dignity and respect. 4 Gents is a place where you can light up a cigar, converse with like minded individuals and at the same time have yourself a nice mature beverage that compliments your favorite cigar of choice.

Mission Statement: Our goal is to provide a cigar bar that holds your traditional gentlemen cigar bar etiquette but is modernized in such a way that your modern lady/ladies can appreciate the welcoming atmosphere and both gents and ladies can enjoy their cigars.

Owner: Rodney Samuel & Michael Gatling

Contact: 936.320.1625

Social Media: IG: @4gentscigarbar

Keywords: Cigar Lounge

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