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Alexandria Lee Designs

Updated: May 21, 2021

Make everywhere your runway with Alexandria Lee Designs.

Alexandria Lee Designs has the vision to provide professional customer care, quality service, and clothing that highlights the uniqueness, and creative flare that exist in each of us. Behind this vision is a mother and daughter team, who embraces the differences that makes them who they are: Gwen Davis, CEO and Sr. Designer, and Cortney Hall Jr.

The designers started Alexandria Lee Designs in 2015 with a mission to style and engage these generations of phenomenal women. Whether it be the working mom, the busy college student, the socialite, or the fashionista, all want garments that will highlight their personal style and individuality. They want to make sure that experience is both easy, and affordable so everywhere can be your runway.

Owner: Gwendolyn Davis

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 281.382.9580

Social Media: FB: @AlexandriaLeeDesigns

Key Words: Designer Wardrobe Women's Fashion Boutique

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