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Cookie Dust

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Cookie Dust is where the dust crumbles.

Cookie Dust is a Cookie Delivery Service available to serve all areas of Houston, TX. They specialize in different classic and modern flavored cookies. At Cookie Dust they have learned that a few ingredients, time, and love is all you need in order to create delicious foods, and that's exactly what they did. Using those few elements, they produced classic and modern flavored cookies. They perfected the craft and art of baking and began to deliver our cookies to family and friends. Shortly after, they received training and licenses to launch a home-based business that they now call Cookie Dust. 

Their cookies are flavored based, but the secret is in their dough. When baked, their cookies are soft, chewy with a caramelized center, just the right size, and not to mention very delicious! Cookie Dust is "where the DUST crumbles" so let them bring you some today!

Owners: Ronald Wilkins

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 346.702.4495

Key Words: Bakery

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