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Crown of Wealth

Updated: May 18, 2021

Are you ready to look as good as you feel? Check out Crown of Wealth today for your contemporary African tailoring.

Crown of Wealth provides a contemporary African sensibility to tailoring. With a variety of carefully selected textiles and materials, they consider what works best for your customizable needs, ultimately creating sustainable and reliable garments to last for years. This environmentally-conscious choice to clothing, measured and made to your specificities of use, is for you to treasure and express your style. Adeola `Addy` Odutola is a cut above your average Nigerian clothier, born with a natural affinity for culture, fashion, and luxury suiting. Addy’s enthusiasm for suits in his university days was influenced by the observation of his sister’s creative outlets and content community. ​With the backing of his family and colleagues, especially his wife, who pushed him to pursue the tailoring culture, Addy’s vision has finally come to fruition. Designing the perfect garment using premier material that enhances the appearance and expresses the personality of the wearer, capitalizes on Addy’s values, passion, and deep understanding of custom-tailored has distinguished him in the industry.​ Today, Adeola, the Yoruba translation for Crown of Wealth is the name of Addy’s Company, a name he is now very proud of, especially as he shares it with his role model and hero, his dad.

Owner: Adeola Odutola

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.356.4794

Social Media: IG: @crownofwealthcollection

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