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Dental Office Cleaning Service

Updated: May 16, 2021

What's more important than clean teeth? A clean working environment to get those teeth clean.

Tiffeny Henry, Founder of D.O.C.S (Dental Office Cleaning Service), specializes in the cleaning of dental offices and most dental equipment. Being in the Dental industry for the last 23 years; as a Registered Dental Assistant, Tiffeny noticed the need for cleaning specialist whom were trained exclusively in cleaning Dental Offices.

While traditional cleaning services may be skilled in cleaning, they aren’t knowledgeable of OSHA’s regulations; as it pertains to cleanliness and proper sanitation. This is where D.O.C.S come in, not only are they aware of the importance of precise cleaning and proper sanitation, they are also OSHA Certified. D.O.C.S is equipped with the knowledge and know how on all necessary precautions of OSHA’s regulations that is standard for Dental Offices.

As stated previously, Tiffeny has been a Registered Dental Assistant for over 20 years, so she knows first hand how it feels when the staff gets completely busy during the business day, and at off time they are ready to get home to their families. Opposed to risking cleaning errors due to them being exhausted from the long work day, why not leave it up to D.O.C.S. The Dental Office Cleaning Service is happy to provide a clean environment for both your patients and your staff.

Owner: Tiffeny Henry

Location: Rosenberg, Texas

Contact: 832.603.0897

Key Words: Cleaning Services

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