Diversity Fund Houston

Looking for investments or want to learn, scale, prepare for your first institutional round of financing check out Diversity Fund Houston.

Diversity Fund Houston is a micro venture fund created to invest in minority tech founders during the “friends and family round,” as well as provide opportunities for them to learn, scale, prepare for their first institutional round of financing, and solve problems impacting their communities.

Does your big idea need capital? Diversity Fund Houston can help you get the mentorship, guidance, funding, and access to a growing network of like-minded black and Latinx founders, mentors, investors, and advisors to scale your business.

If you're looking to invest, investing with Diversity Fund Houston, you can help close the gap between minority founders and access to capital and information, contribute to Houston’s economy and emerging technology ecosystem, and provide communities of color an opportunity to solve problems that impact them.

Owner: Phillip Yates, Tiffany L. Williams & Kiley Summers

Location: 1301 Texas Ave, Houston, TX 77002

Contact: 713.236.8736

Email: admin@yateslawpllc.com

Social Media: IG: @DiversityFundHouston FB: Diversity Fund Houston

Website: www.thediversityfund.com

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