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Drea the Artist

Discover cool art with Drea the Artist.

Drea the Artist is a multi-faceted creative with a bold Spirit. She has been an artist all of her life, and her goal is to inspire others through her gifts and talents. She paints, sings, writes, makes jewelry, and is an art educator.

Through everything that she does, Drea hopes to shed a light on the Creative Spirit that lives in all of us. She offers private art lessons, mobile paint parties, and meditative walks at the park. She also paints murals,custom art, and you can buy art prints, T-Shirts, and crystal jewelry.

Her art is extraordinarily powerful and thought-provoking. She uses bold colors to stimulate your senses, and there’s always a message embedded in her paintings. She is most known for creative portraits, but she also does abstract and non-objective art.

Whether you are looking to be inspired or refreshed, you can find a solution with Drea the Artist. Stay connected to find out about events and art shows that she’s involved in.

Owner: Andrea Venson

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.862.2121

Social Media: IG: 3 FB: Drea The Artist

Keywords: Entertainment Art

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