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Employment Preparations

Employment Preparations is the solution you have needed!

Securing your next role can be difficult, especially when you’re only using Google and your friends to help you fill in the gap, or you simply have no idea how to get to your end goal. Your employment journey doesn’t have to be so daunting.

Employment Preparations is a virtual career services company that offers advanced career coaching, resume writing, interview preparation, and LinkedIn Optimization. With a mission to help career seekers secure employment within 30 days and increase their salary by 10% or more, Employment Preparations use customized strategies and plans to help you secure your next role. No matter if you are still in college, been in the workforce a couple of years, striving to move your career to the executive suite, or have been incarcerated, Employment Preparations has you covered.

Employment Preparations offers individual services, bundled services, The Get Hired (Digital) Workshop, 30 Days to Employment, and Career Accelerator to help you bring your career goals into reality. To begin, schedule your free consultation and apply code "blackbook" at checkout. During this call, they will gather information about your career goals and discuss the order of services to help you achieve said goals. Employment Preparations look forward to helping you secure your next level!

Owners: Elizabeth McCoy

Location: Houston,TX

Contact: 281.899.8724

Social Media: LinkedIn: @Employment Preparations

Key Words: Career Placement Services

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