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Feeling Juicy

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Start your day the healthy way with Feeling Juicy.

Feeling Juicy is the first and only black owned juice bar in fifth ward and the greater Northside. We operate in 5th Ward because we know that fifth ward is a known cancer cluster and food desert. Access to healthy options is limited if at all. Our mission is not only to bring healthy options but to eliminate barriers to a more healthy lifestyle style. We ensure prices are low so as to not allow cost to be a burden. We also offer free delivery in the area to eliminate transportation as a barrier.

Many in the area lack access to healthcare. Without a private physician, many lack the tools to treat themselves and are burdened with disease. We strategically offer items that lower diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and other diseases that disproportionately impact African Americans. A large part of our platform is education and informing our community of ways to prevent rather than treat real whole food because of their gateway drinks. Organic goodness is contagious.

Owner: Phillip Burnley

Contact: 832.724.2159

Social Media: IG: @Feeling_juicy

Keywords: Juice Fresh Pressed

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