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Are you craving some of the best chicken in Houston? It's a must you stop by and grab you some Frenchy's.

Percy “Frenchy” Creuzot, New Orleans native, came to Houston in 1965 to work as a traveling salesman. His ambitions quickly shifted to food, and on July 3rd, 1969, he and his wife Sallie opened up a po-boy shop bearing his nickname on Scott Street, just a block from the University of Houston and not far from TSU. The po-boys were tasty and easy to make, but the small establishment quickly decided to add fried chicken to the menu.

Creuzot used an old New Orleans family recipe to season the meat, and added sides like dirty rice and jambalaya—flavor that quickly blew the competition out of the water. At that time, unbelievable though it may seem, Southern Louisiana inspired cuisine was hard to come by—before Mr. Creuzot’s shop revolutionized the market.

The 3919 Scott location quickly blossomed. Frenchy's has become one of the most popular Creole cuisine restaurants in Houston and surrounding areas. From its humble beginnings, Frenchy's has grown to become the hometown favorite for millions of customers over the years, with a full Creole-style menu of sides to accompany the famous, spicy "Frenchy's Chicken" that Houstonians have come to know and love.

Owner: Owner Percy Creuzot, III

Location: 4646 Scott St, Houston, TX 77004 & Various Locations

Contact: 713.748.2233

Social Media: IG: @frenchyschicken

Key Words: Restaurant Chicken

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