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iHeart Lash Academy

IHeart Lash Academy gives you the tools to gain an advantage in any industry you choose through specialized training.

IHeart Lash Academy is a cosmetology school in the Houston area that specializes in eyelash extension specialty. Our cosmetology school was founded by the owner of IHeart Lash Studio Rasasha Payne who made a name for her self in the lash industry for the past 7 years, Rasasha opened up the cosmetology school with the passion to teach others how to align themselves for great success in this industry by properly aligning their businesses and perfecting the eyelash extension technique the correct and healthy way. Our school is set up like no other our students are getting the full hands on experience from day to day hands on training to full interaction with clients in our full service salon IHeart Lash Studio.

Owner: RaSasha Payne

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.609.3240

Social Media: IG: @iheartlashacademy

Keywords: Cosmetology Lash School

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