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Jamaica Pon Di Road

If you're looking for some delicious Jamaican food where traditional meets modern, Check out Jamaica Pon Di Road.

Jamaica Pon Di Road is brought to you by Gareth and Danielle Powell Gareth. Chef G is a highly credentialed chef who has cooked his way from Clarendon, Jamaica, all the way to the Houston streets to serve a taste of his modern twist on authentic Jamaican recipes! His flavorful selection of specialties includes Jerk Chicken, Oxtails Caribbean Eggrolls, fresh mango peps sauce, zesty jerk sauce, crispy Cod Fish Fritters, sweet and savory Curry Shrimp simmered in coconut milk, flaky Patties stuffed with seasoned chicken or beef, as well as the Insane Bolt Burger served on a sweet island bun… and these are only a few of the sensational items on the menu. Chef G and his wife are involved in several philanthropic ventures, including providing the communities of Clarendon with school supplies and other resources, as well as feeding Houston’s homeless each month. For incredibly tasty food that helps to make the world a better place, come eat at Jamaica Pon Di Road soon! "Good Food. Good Vibes. Good Choice!"

Owners: Gareth & Danielle Powell

Contact: 832.328.5220

Social Media IG: @jamaicapondiroad

Key Words: Caribbean Food Restaurant

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