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Juice Easy

Updated: May 20, 2021

Looking for great tasting healthy & organic Juice. Check Juice Easy to start your healthy juice journey today.

Juice Easy is a Houston made organic plant-based beverage brand, and their concept is grab and go. So they make juicing as convenient and easy for the customer as possible without jeopardizing the quality of their product. Their fresh pressed fruit and veggie beverages are made daily, have no additives or preservatives, no added natural sweeteners and have a refrigerated shelf life of five -seven days.

Juice Easy's mission is to make drinking clean and green cool, so they plan to target the areas where easy access to fresh produce is limited. The Galleria allows them to reach people of all ages and ethnicities as well as educate a multitude of potential “Juiceaholics” who spread the word for them. While their retail store in the East End gives them direct access to those, who can’t get to or afford Sprouts, Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods but want an affordable quality juice.

Juice Easy has turned so many juicing non-believers and anti-fruit and veggie consumers into juice heads. Those who proudly once claimed they don’t like or eat fruits and vegetable now boast online that they love Juice Easy and now eat real whole food because of their gateway drinks. Organic goodness is contagious.

Owner: Bobby Humbert & Ashley Mcafee

Location: 3420 Rusk #31 Houston, TX. 77003 2528 Calumet St. Houston TX. 77004

Contact: 713.302.9237


Social Media: IG: @juiceeasyonline

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