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Let's Talk, I'll Listen Counseling Services

Take control of your life one step at a time with Let's Talk, I'll Listen Counseling Services.

Let’s Talk, I’ll Listen Counseling Services, PLLC is a private mental health practice committed to providing exceptional counseling services that improve the lives of individuals, couples and families using evidence-based practices to help individuals create meaningful changes towards building the authentic and purpose driven lives they desire. We are a team of licensed mental health counselors with multidisciplinary expertise including the treatment of anxiety, depression, gender identity, eating disorders, self-esteem, grief, trauma, PTSD, social anxiety, phobias, among other issues.

Our practice also specializes in working with young professionals struggling with identity and life satisfaction.We offer services in English and Spanish. One of the aspects that sets our practice apart from others is our approach and values.Our approach to therapy fosters empowerment, self-compassion, and growth. We look forward to listening to your specific concerns without judgement and helping clients to achieve optimal wellness. Our values include a commitment to excellence, compassion, collaboration, and ongoing continuing education to provide a level of service designed to exceed expectations and provide the best level of care. Our therapists utilize a holistic approach to therapy and draw from a variety of evidenced based approaches, including CBT, Mindfulness-Based Therapy, EMDR, Humanistic and Psychodynamic.

Let's Talk, I'll Listen Counseling Services strives to be a catalyst for growth, change and mental wellness by providing exceptional counseling services, consultation and community service. We are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of clients served. Let's Talk, I'll Listen Counseling Services aims to be a community based preeminent resource on mental health increasing awareness and minimizing the stigma often associated with poor mental health.

Owner: Shannon Martin

Contact: 978.400.3016

Key Words: Therapy Counseling

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