Lindiana's Southern Vegan Kitchen

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Are you looking for finger licking, tasty vegan southern cooking? Check out Lindiana's Southern Vegan Kitchen.

Lindiana's Southern Vegan Kitchen is a Southern style vegan kitchen curated with the ambiance of your mama's home cooking. It is a family oriented environment with touch of contemporary vibes. Lindiana's was created by Linda for her oldest son who became vegan and she enjoyed cooking and his company on Sunday like any mother would. So out of a mothers love she reverted all of her southern recipes to vegan options for him. Cooking is very dear to the their family, it goes back many many generations. Now with Tony's help he is carrying out the family legacy the vegan way.

Owner: Linda and Tony Hicks

Location: 3530 Wheeler Ave. Houston, Tx 77004

Contact: 832.792.6471


Social Media: IG: @lindianaskitchen2

FB: lindianaskitchen

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