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MadMax BBQ

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

MadMax is Filling all your BBQ needs from ribs, chicken, sausage, boudin, and baked potatoes! You'll go mad for these great flavors!

Tevron Maxwell is the owner of MadMax BBQ. His father Lester Maxwell had a passion for cooking, in which his dream was to open up his own bbq business. After Tevron's father had a few strokes he did not fully recover from, Tevron decided to help his father's dream come true and started MadMax BBQ.

MadMax BBQ is a mobile food truck that serves some of the best BBQ in the city. Their goal is to help the community out as much as they can, while offering on site catering. MadMax BBQ caters any event no matter how big or small. They just don’t specialize in BBQ, they do it all!

Owner: Tevron Maxwell

Contact: 281.616.1664

Social Media: IG: @MadMaxBBQRibs

Key Words: BBQ Food Truck

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