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Meal Prep With Me

Updated: May 24, 2021

Eat clean with Meal Prep With Me.

Meal Prep With Me is a new concept in healthy eating based in the heart of Houston. Meal Prep With Me combines the fun and festive elements of Saturday brunch or Sunday Funday with a curated and healthy menu. Whether creating small-group experiences, in-home concierge services or individually packaged delivery meals, Meal Prep With Me demonstrates to clients that it is possible to eat clean and healthy while balancing a budget and a busy schedule.

Meal Prep With Me was founded by Robin Owens, MEd. Owens is a native Houstonian and a proud alumna of both Howard University and the University of Michigan. For Owens, a healthy lifestyle is about looking, good, feeling good and keeping the health issues that plague the African American community at bay. She is passionate about fitness, family and friendship and enjoys combining her love of travel with any of those three.

Owners: Robin Owens, Ellis Owens, & Hawkins Owens IV

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.554.7047

Social Media: IG: @mealprepwithme_hou

Key Words: Meal Prep Catering

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