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Modchic Interiors

Upgrade your space and transform your lifestyle with Modchic Interiors.

Modchíc Interiors was founded by owner and Principal Interior Designer, Catasha Singleton. We offer a thoughtful collection of functional and stylish pieces that cater to our client's lifestyle and how they envision living. Our natural aesthetic is a simplistic modern approach with moments of fine finishes and textured touches. We pride ourselves on being able to elevate spaces into uncomplicated luxury for both residential and boutique commercial spaces. Our soft and strategic approach allows us to exude clean lines and bold moments in your spaces. Being led by a designer with a corporate background has allows us to infuse a seamless process to each project, elevating spaces and homes around the US. We thoughtfully partner with industry experts to carry out curated and bespoke design, included but not limited to architects, builders, and general contractors.

Owner(s): Catasha Singleton

Location: 7055 Old Katy Rd suite 1130, Houston, TX 77024

Contact: 281.736.2162

Social Media IG: @modchicinteriors

Key Words: Interior Design/Home Decor


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