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NEXCARE Wellness Clinic

Updated: May 11, 2021

Keep your health in check with NEXCARE Wellness Clinic.

Telemedicine plays a large role in our clinical services, as there are numerous benefits to using this platform of healthcare services for non-emergent health concerns. These benefits include their patients’ ability to meet with their providers without leaving the safety of their home, navigating through traffic, or missing significant time away from work. Telemedicine is convenient and you can access your provider on a desktop, tablet, or cellphone. Also, patients using our telemedicine services are often able to get appointments more quickly.

Additional services include wellness checks, physicals, immunizations, and the option for mobile healthcare services on a case by case basis. They understand that this pandemic has resulted in loss of employment and health insurance for many. As a result, they are offering individualized, structured packages for their patients who may need assistance with appointment fees. They also offer immunization discounts for students and additional discounts for companies who choose to partner with our clinic.

Another component of NEXCARE Wellness Clinic is partnering with businesses to provide Occupational Health Services which include, but are not limited to, the following: physicals, fit-for-duty evaluations, rehabilitation services, and work injury care. They also offer a “one stop shop” for individuals and companies who are regulated through the Department of Transportation (DOT). Their DOT Consortium provides an in-house drug and alcohol collection site, random pool management, clearinghouse queries, web-based reporting and program management, and much more.

Lastly, NEXCARE Wellness Clinic offers comprehensive auto accident injury services through specialized evaluation and rehabilitation treatment of automobile injuries. They assist their clients from start to finish in filing auto accident claims, and they also have a network of professionals on board to address all your legal, medical, and compensation needs.

Owners: Jarvis Drake

Contact: 832.519.9339

Social Media: IG: @nexcarewellness

Key Word: Health Care Facility

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