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OST Liquor

Updated: May 22, 2021

Make sure you have all the drinks you need for your next celebration with OST Liquor.

OST Liquor is the new black owned liquor store in Third Ward area offering a creative customer experience. OST Liquor's mission is to highlight the smaller brands; the ones that a lot of people may not know of because they understand that African-Americans are very brand loyal. They want to educate our community and our people about the different options that they actually have.

Customer service is big when shopping for your favorite drinks, and OST Liquor is prioritizing just that. The store has an open floor plan, perfect for shopping for your favorites, and also to ask employees for assistance.

You can also order online for pickup and delivery, and use the OST Liquor app. OST Liquor wants to give people excellent customer service and meet people where they are. Stop by OST Liquor today and enjoy one of their double-cup cocktails' so you can make your favorite signature drinks right from the comfort of your own home.

Owner: Mychelle & Christopher Cooper

Contact: 346.867.3192

Social Media: IG: @ost_liquor FB: OST Liquor Store Twitter: @ost_liquor

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