Pink Pearls Too

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Check out Pink Pearls Too for educational advice on ethnic hair care.

Pink Pearls Too purpose is to educate women and teens on hair care and provide tools and tips to empower them, while fostering confidence and a positive self-image. Pink Pearls Too was started behind the chair by Sachet Lane, who is a license stylist who saw a need and decided to create this program. Studies show that 73% of African American children are adopted by families who don't look like them. This program is to insure that the child or the person caring for the child is empowered to do so.

Owners: Sachet Lane

Location: Katy, TX

Contact: 832.474.1905


Social Media: IG: PinkPearlsToo FB: PinkPearlsToo


Key Words: Women Empowerment Hair Education

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