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Pos Bus Designs Art Inc.

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Pos Bus Designs makes sure art is a positive experience for everyone!

Positive Business Designs originated in 2009, after undergoing a rebranding, Positive Business Designs Art Gallery was reborn in 2012 and became a corporation in 2016 and was then formally known as POS BUS DESIGNS ART INC. Doing Business as Positive Business Designs Art Gallery. Our business goal is to leave a legacy for generations to come by continually finding new ways to spread the love we have for art with other creatives.

Early on we learned that the Art World is a quite different business to connect with and make a profit, especially without the right connections. Our love of art, combined with our focus to continually innovate the way we interact with artist and their work we decided to offer design space with Shop VIDA, which is a major E-Commerce Business model that allows artists worldwide to upload artwork to their platform, onto clothing fashion, home décor and more.

At the same time, we added another art product, Photograph Art, in addition to Photography Art. With this expansion and additional product offering, it is our hopes that Positive Business Designs Art Gallery will soon be known worldwide and in every household.

Mission Statement: To make art a positive experience for everyone!

Owners: Katrina A Smith

Location: Cypress, TX

Contact: 832.489.2978

Social Media: FB: Pos Bus Designs Art Inc.

Key Words: Art Gallery

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