Prepped By Jess

Updated: Apr 29

Can't have a hot girl/hot boy summer if that body ain't right. So try Prepped by Jess, it's the perfect place to get your next meal prep.

Prepped By Jess is a Houston-based Meal Prep & Catering Company. They started their journey in February 2018 and have consistently been serving the Houston Community and it’s outskirts since. They strive to help you meet your health & dietary goals in life while understanding that meal prepping may not be forever. However, everyone can start somewhere on their journey towards health. As far as catering goes, they strive to bring your vision to life through food no matter what the event is. Prepped By Jess is a small black-owned business that prides itself on providing excellency and quality in their services.

Owner: Jessica Terrell

Location: Houston, Tx

Contact: 281.798.1475


Social Media: IG: @preppedbyjess


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