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Rachel D. Garrison Coaching

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Heal and have healthier relationships by activating your emotions with Rachel D. Garrison Coaching.

Rachel D. Garrison is an author, life coach, blogger, community builder, mental health advocate and curriculum developer. Her work focuses on examining relationships through the lens of emotional intelligence. Her purpose is to help you heal and have healthier relationships by activating your emotions, growing your self awareness, and increasing your capacity for vulnerability.

To achieve this, she offers a number of online self-help courses, as well individual coaching via Safe Space Sessions. She also creates/facilitates group challenges group coaching programs to aid you in living a more abundant life. Additionally, she creates offline & online safe spaces for support, training and communication. Life’s challenges are consistent and come from all directions. Rachel is here to help you with the support, direction and encouragement you need to help you meet these challenges with integrity, clarity and and support.

Owners: Rachel Garrison

Location: Houston,TX

Contact: 713.398.1185

Social Media: IG: @lovealwaysrdg FB: Rachel D. Garrison

Key Words: Therapist

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