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Ruths Psychology

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Improve your outlook & quality of life with Ruths Psychology.

Ivy Ruths is a licensed psychologist and licensed specialist in school psychology specializing in treating anxiety, depressive, and OCD-related disorders. She provides cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused therapy, exposure and ritual prevention, and parenting management techniques individualized for your specific needs.

Dr. Ruths’ goal is to help sufferers dramatically improve their outlook and quality of life by teaching them how to change their behavior, and how to challenge habitual negative self-talk. Willingness and a commitment to living life in line with one's values, instead of with one's fears or in response to life's difficulties, is the key to coping with distressing emotions and uncertain situations. The therapeutic relationship is of utmost importance to Dr. Ruths and to the effectiveness of treatment.

Owners: Ivy Ruths

Contact: 832.444.4749

Social Media IG: @drivyruths

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