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Soul Food Vegan

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Looking for some tasty vegan cuisine without the guilty pleasure? Check out Soul Food Vegan for your next meal.

Soul Food Vegan aims to end food deserts, combat nutritional deficiencies, and provide plant based, alkaline goodness with a soulful twist. 

Soul Food Vegan caters to the transitioning vegan by preparing traditional soul food cuisine without meat. 

Soul Food Vegan was birthed in April of 2015 from chef Taliek preparing dishes and herbal supplements to combat nutritional deficiencies in himself, his community and loved ones. He began catering events, performing live demonstrations for small to large audiences, and teaching healthy eating classes throughout Houston. Chef Taliek partnered with seasoned entrepreneur Chad Cossey (owner of Eado Big Boy Toys and Ultra Pure Solutions) to bring forth a brick and mortar in the heart of 3rd ward, Soul Food Vegan Restaurant.

Owners: Chef Taliek & Chad Cossey

Contact: 713.429.4388

Social Media: IG: @soul_food_vegan

Key Words: Vegan Food

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