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Sparkle Home Solutions

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Looking to have your home cleaned from top to bottom without lifting a finger? Check out Sparkle Home Solutions to have your home sparkly clean.

Do you want your home to sparkle bright, but don’t have time to clean?  

We know how important your time is. Their premium house cleaning services allow our professionals to come make your home sparkle, so that you can get back to the things that are important to you. 

Sparkle Home Solutions specializes in professional cleaning services to fit your lifestyle.  

Every Sparkle Clean comes with the following features for your home:


Make BedSweep / mop floorSweep/ vacuum carpetWipe down dresserWipe down night standClean reachable windowsClean window sillsDust blinds


Wipe down the outside of refrigerator & freezerSanitize and wipe down the exterior of kitchen cabinets Clean kitchen tableDust window blindsClean window sillsClean reachable windows Wash Dishes / load DishwasherWipe down exterior of ovenSweep & Mop FloorClean Exterior of the microwave Wipe down light switch plateWipe down garbage can Take out trash  

Living Room 

Vacuum couchSweep floorVacuum carpetWipe down entertainment centerClean all reachable windows Clean window sillsDust BaseboardsWipe down light switch plate Vacuum hallway Clean visible and reachable floor vents


Clean the interior & exterior of the tubSweep & mop floorClean the interior & exterior of toiletEmpty trash Clean bathroom mirrorWipe down shelvesScrub soap scum off walls inside tubWipe down light switch

Owners: Taj Paul

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 281.761.8492

Social Media: IG: @sparklehomesolutions

Key Words: Cleaning Services

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