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The Capricorn Wolf

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Start your journey to spiritual healing with The Capricorn Wolf.

The Capricorn Wolf LLC was founded and created by Krystle F. also known as K. The Sage. Krystle is a spiritual life coach and counselor, psychic practitioner and rootworker. The Capricorn Wolf offer spiritual based services such as divination (tarot readings) psychic energy readings, Chakra Energy Healing, and an online spiritual shop that covers all needs for spiritual healing, cleansing and Rootwork.

The Capricorn Wolf's mission is what the spiritual community calls a “light worker” is intended to help aid clients in the ways of spirituality, self love, healing, shadow work and to provide them with the proper spiritual tools to navigate their earth journeys. Their services are Akin to that of traditional counseling however, they are much more accessible and cost effective. They use divination, and clairvoyance to find the root of your spiritual problem to heal it.

Owners: Krystle Fluellen

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.264.7294

Social Media IG: @TheCapricornwolfe

Key Words: Spiritual Healing Life Coach

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