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The Local Seat

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

If you're searching for a place to chill & vibe with your friends or maybe your boo or bae, Check out The Local Seat.

The Local Seat is a trendy venue that offers a variety of culture to partake in. Premium Hookah with over 150 combinations of blends. Food, Music, Art and Fashion all wrapped up with comfortable seating! Their team of highly qualified professionals headed by an experienced Hookah Chef will cater to your taste-buds any premium blend.

The Local Seat is a tucked away vibe located in the heart of historic third ward right by University of Houston and Texas Southern University. You can take the metro rail from downtown and get directly to them.

Owner: Kevin Mokoli, Natalee Tadassee & Quintin Conwright

Contact:  346.802.3109

Social Media: IG: @TheLocalSeat

Key Words: Hookah Bar

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