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The Sausage & Boudin Shack

Updated: May 11, 2021

When hunger attacks, come get Shacked!

The Sausage & Boudin Shack is a family owned smokehouse and restaurant proudly located in the historic community of Sunnyside. They are located just minutes away from NRG and the Medical center, right up the street from Worthing High school. The Sausage & Boudin Shack are an all service venue with a newly remodeled patio available to host your next event.

The Sausage & Boudin Shack are known for their "fall off the bone" bbq and ribs, four different flavors of smoked boudin links, juicy homemade hamburgers, award winning Smoked Oxtails, and their smoked loaded boudin! God, family, and Community is what keeps them grounded and motivated to give their customers the best dining experience. They cant wait to feed you, and are open 7 days a week.

Owners: LaKeisha Randle

Location: 3610 Reed Rd. Houston, TX 77051

Contact: 713.733.0442


Social Media: IG: @comegetshacked

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