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Trap Booty Bounce Studio

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Ladies are you looking to lose weight while having a good time, It's a must you check out Trap Booty Bounce Studio.

Trap Booty Bounce Workout is the hottest booty workout ever! You'll be "Backing It Up and Dropping It Like It's Hot while working out.

Come get your life right as Tasia Love leads you through her Twerk N Trap Dance Workout, an unforgettable, high energy, booty bouncin', booty twerkin’ dance workout!!! This workout is designed for all fitness levels of all ages. It’s going to be lit, So bring your girls.

Owners: Tasia Love

Contact: 832.798.1137


Social Media: IG: @thefitnessdancequeen

Key Words: Gym Fitness Training

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