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Tycoon Denim

Updated: May 25, 2021

Let your denim make a statement with fashion from Tycoon Denim.

Statement Piece Denim, Tycoon Denim was created by a "Fashion Girl" with a pragmatic business mind, an entrepreneurial spirit, an international outlook, with an appreciation for luxury. Laina Hardges channels her creativity into roles as an artist, creative director & content creator. Tycoon Denim was created in March of 2020 & launched with 10 products in February 2021. Their Statement piece denim was created with an uncompromising vision of good energy, innovative fashion mindset. Tycoon Denim inspires to have jeans that stand out and make a statement when you walk into any space, giving clients confidence in their clothing and compliments every time they wear them.

Owner: Laina Hardges

Location: Houston,TX

Contact: 313.539.5556

Social Media: IG @tycoondenim

Key Words: Fashion Boutique

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