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Victorious Medical Services

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Let Victorious Medical Services, LLC care for your family and loved ones.

The staff at Victorious Medical Services offers professional & reliable medical services and possess the experience, skills, and knowledge needed to care for your family and loved ones. God, compassion, respect, safety, and skill are key components in all care provided!

Victorious Medical Services, LLC is owned and operated by Mrs. Keneisha S. Thompson. In her career, she has served in the community as an Antepartum Nurse, Postpartum Nurse, Emergency Room Nurse, Nurse Educator, Med Surge Nurse and an Operating Room Nurse. Seeing the deficit in care among patients that were cared for in the home, she decided to do something about it. She decided to open her own home health care, to provide private duty nursing services, to focus on the needs of the most vulnerable, the elderly and disabled. Patient centered care in the home is where true healing occurs. Her mission is to prevent revolving admission due to gaps in care, and care for the patients mind, body and spirit in the comfort of their own homes. Keneisha’s goal is to improve your loved ones quality of care, prevent hospitalization, and produce positive health outcomes.

Owners: Keneisha Thompson

Location: Sugar Land, TX

Contact: 713.481.8857

Social Media: IG: @vmedhouston

Key Words: Home Health Care

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